Golf is a game that is often times misunderstood. Many people hold beliefs such as that it takes too long to play the sport, that it hurts the environment and that it is an elitist sport. These are myths and could not be farther from the truth.

It Takes too Long

An international survey found that sixty percent of people who do play golf would like the game better if it didn’t last as long. What these players may not realize is that you can still enjoy golf without committing four hours to it. Instead of playing the entire 18 holes, just play the front or back nine. Or, go to a shorter par-3 course and be done in a couple of hours. Plays can also choose to hit a bucket of balls at a driving range or play a round or two of miniature golf if they are looking to save time as well as mix up their game.

It’s Bad for the Environment

Some people argue that golf is bad for the environment. Their argument is based off of the chemicals put into water on the courses, tree-clearing and habitat fragmentation. The major golfing bodies have are addressing this issue and have established partnerships with national and local environmental groups. They have worked to cultivate disease and pest-resistant turf grasses, establish organic-turf courses, develop water conservation strategies, and protect habitat for native plant and wildlife species.

It’s an Elitist Sport

Golf is often times thought of as an elitist sport. To be fair, golf once deserved that reputation. And in a few places, it still does deserve that reputation. However, the game is becoming more and more diverse, far more inclusive and far more welcoming. Twenty years ago, Tiger Woods worked with Nike for the iconic “Hello World” ad. In the ad, Tiger says “there are still courses in the U.S. I am not allowed to play because of the color of my skin.” With the shifts that have taken place within the golf community, those places are now few and far between.

Golf is often a misunderstood game because people don’t take the time to truly learn about it. There are some myths that need to be debunked in order for golf to be better understood by the community at large. Golf does not have to take more than an hour or two to play, it is not bad for the environment and it is no longer just an elitist sport.