There are many types of equipment that hikers take along for the trek. A good hiking watch is a great investment, as the devices are equipped with a number of functions and do not take up space in your backpack. The gadgets have the capability to monitor exercise data and act as a navigation tool. There are a number of brands and types of hiking watches you might consider.

The Fitbit Ionic

The watch has an internal antenna that connects with satellites to provide the ultimate in real-time tracking. The GPS and GLONASS functions monitor you throughout the hike. The device also records pace, distance and elevation along with heart rate. Other functions include dynamic personal coaching. The multi-sport functions make the watch handy for other activities too. A bonus includes the fact that the watch stores and plays your favorite tunes.

The Garmin Fenix 5x

Garmin has long been synonymous with outdoor recreation navigation tools and their watch is no different. The Garmin is especially popular with hikers who prefer using maps, as you can quickly download maps onto the device. By holding down the function button, the watch displays the navigation app that displays the direction in which you should go. The watch also displays different routes or enables you to customize preferred trails. Zoom in or out and make use of the isobar function.

Polar M600

In addition to being equipped with GPS technology, the Polar keeps track of your hiking distance and pace along with altitude. Sensors also monitor heart rate. View your route or review the path you take. The watch is also waterproof up to depths of 150 feet. So, walking in the rain or traversing waterways will not damage the device.

Suunto Spartan Sport Baro

The watch was designed to act as a prime barometric altimeter. Keep track of your elevation regardless of the terrain. The device also takes barometric pressure readings that you might then document as desired. Additionally, the Suunto provides access to weather broadcasts, when the sun rises and sets. In this way, users are better equipped to plan safe adventures void of storms or other potential disasters. Link the device with the companion app for real-time navigation. The watch battery provides up to 20 hours of service before needing to be recharged.