When most people think of tee shots, they think of distance. Everyone wants to drive the ball as far as possible. However, in almost all cases, the placement of the tee shot is more important than the distance of the drive. For example, a 150 yard drive to the center of the fairway is much better than a 270 yard drive into the rough leaving the golfer behind a tree. Instead of focusing on distance alone, golfers need to focus on placing the ball in the fairway to set themselves up for the next shot. There are a few simple things that a golfer can do to gain control of the drive and to become a better golfer.

Body Control

When a golfer tries to crush a ball, he or she will generally pull the club back too far and finish wildly and off-balance. Though this extreme effort may add twenty yards to a club, it is likely that it will also significantly reduce accuracy. A golfer should use a smooth and controlled swing with every shot, regardless if it is a pitch onto the green or a tee shot on a Par 5. Golfers need to keep in mind that it is better to leave the ball short, but in the fairway, instead of reaching the hole and ball scattering wildly into the rough.

Aim For a Spot

A drive shouldn’t simply be hit as far as possible, it should be hit to a specific area. Great golfers size up a hole and determine a plan before stepping to the tee. For example, a golfer might want to aim for a wide spot in the fairway, a place with a better approach to the hole or a location away from bunkers. At any level, choosing a place to hit the ball and following the plan will result in more success and lower scores.

Relax the Arms

It is easy to understand why golfers would want to squeeze the grip and use all of their arm strength on a golf drive. However, real power and accuracy comes from the body, with the arms and hands only helping to transfer the power to the ball. A relaxed grip and smooth flowing arms will result in better drives with more accuracy. Golfers needs to practice relaxed and play relaxed to get the lowest scores possible.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to find control off the tee in your golf game. Worry no more! By following the above tips for finding control, you will instantly see an improvement in your shots.